[aur-general] Removal request: qtscrobbler, qtscrobbler-cli

Uli Armbruster uli.armbruster at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 22 00:55:31 CET 2010

* Simon Legner <simon.legner at gmail.com> [22.03.2010 00:36]:
> I just uploaded qtscrobbler-cli as qtscrob-cli. So the mentioned
> packages are free to be removed.
> I didn't get a result when searching for qtscrobbler in AUR. So I
> built and submitted qtscrobbler as a new package. Just as
> explanation for the duplication ...
> Mentioning the term qtscrobbler in the pkgdesc-field would solve
> this "inconvenience" ... I'll leave a comment there.
> Regards!

I just discovered, the package "qtscrob" actually provides the cli version! Didn't see that! So you should put qtscrob into conflicts=(qtscrob).

Just as an addition, you don't have to put all this unused variables into the PKGBUILD! As an example, here's my version of qtscrob-cli

pkgdesc="A tool for submitting .scrobbler.log from portable players to Last.fm"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
depends=('curl' 'libmtp')

build() {
  cd ${srcdir}/${_realname}-${pkgver}/src/cli
  make || return 1
  make prefix="" DESTDIR="${pkgdir}/usr" install

You might want to shorten yours a little bit as well, improves its readability. Feel free to use mine as a sample.

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