[aur-general] perl prereleases request to make official decision to deviate from general guidleines

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Tue May 4 10:51:16 CEST 2010

On 01/05/2010 05:31, Allan McRae wrote:
> On 01/05/10 13:24, Xyne wrote:
>>> I'm working on a PKGBUILD for perl 5.12 and I notice that it's
>>> providing 20 some odd prerelease modules. I'm annoyed but I can't do
>>> anything about it.
>>> The general PKGBUILD guidelines say use the same as upstream unless
>>> there is a hyphen. so for a perl prerelease of 0.90_1 that guideline
>>> follows to release it as exactly the same. However 0.90_1 is == 0.90.1
>>> and greater than 0.90 which it is a prerelease for on cpan.
>>> I'd like to suggest that for perl the official guideline be to make
>>> the version 0.90_pre1
>>> Dist::Zilla a release automation tool also allows for using a format
>>> _TRIAL which is not yet popular on cpan but does happen should pacman
>>> add a _trial ? to the list of options? I think we could just use _pre
>>> here too.
>>> -- 
>>> Caleb Cushing
>> See my previous reply to the thread PKGVER (prerelease hell). I agree
>> that Arch's CPAN version scheme is flawed (mixing of old and new CPAN
>> schemes, failure to understand CPAN schemes (e.g. 0.30 is actually
>> 0.300), naïve handling of release versions, etc).
>> I believe the formatting function that I've written to convert CPAN
>> versions to Pacman versions addresses these issues. If you agree and
>> decide to use it too, I think we could push harder for CPAN package
>> uniformity in Arch to try to clean up the current mess, which is an
>> unnecessary source of frustration.
> The easiest way to clean things up would be to package perl 
> yourselves.  There is an advertisement about junior developers on the 
> main page so...  Obviously given nothing official has been done 
> towards perl 5.12, that might be an area we would consider.

I have also written a first draft of a PKGBUILD for perl 5.12.0 already 
and sent it to Kevin, who is working on improving it. He will release it 
in testing when it's ready. There are however problems with a bunch of 
failing test files, which looks like  upstream issues to me, so it might 
take some time before 5.12.0 hits the core repo.

That said, I would welcome any applicant interested in packaging Perl 
and related stuff!

@Caleb: I can send you my PKGBUILD if you're interested. Contact 
kevin at archlinux.org if you have any further suggestions.


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