[aur-general] Various new packages in [community]

Ray Rashif schiv at archlinux.org
Wed Nov 17 22:06:09 CET 2010

On 18 November 2010 04:14, Kaiting Chen <kaitocracy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> +1
>> This is no different from a new TU. There's no need for an audit or
>> even for them to ask us when they deem something suitable for
>> [community] (it should be in accordance to the TU Packaging
>> Guidelines; > 10 votes || 1% usage anyway).
> I'm confused as to the difference between a Trusted User and a Junior
> Developer. Wouldn't it make more sense to promote Junior Developers to
> Trusted Users after a while? --Kaiting.

Oh, [community] is separate, and so is its team. A package maintainer
of [core] and/or [extra] may or may not have any business in
[community]. If she doesn't have any business, she doesn't need access
to the server.

Granted, this is a little different since it's the first time we've
had something like a "Junior Developer", AFAICR. However, I believe we
should give them benefit of the doubt when recommended by a developer.
If anything (bad) happens, the brokeit panic button sends a jolt up
someone by default. We need not worry :)

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