[aur-general] zint qt optional dep

Joao Cordeiro jlcordeiro at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 17:40:38 CET 2010

I just adopted and updated zint.

Zint checks for qt and installs both zint and zint-qt if it is found.
Otherwise, it just installs zint. I don't believe this to be the optimal
approach. Even if I have qt installed, it doesn't necessarily means that I
want zint-qt. Despite that fact, I don't want to package zint with its
original name, installing less stuff than the developer does and more
importantly, removing features to users that installed previous versions of
the package through AUR.

My first idea was to create zint-noqt, implicitly leaving zint-qt behind. Is
this the best way for me to solve this?

Removing qt from the main package seems intrusive to me.

Thanks in advance,
Joao Cordeiro

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