[aur-general] AUR helpers in [community]?

Stefan Husmann stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Thu Nov 18 20:00:36 CET 2010

Am 18.11.2010 09:30, schrieb Kaiting Chen:
> Can AUR helpers go into [community]? `burp` and `cower` each have over ten
> votes and qualify, but I never see AUR helpers in binary form so I thought I
> would ask. --Kaiting.

I think if we should discuss this if the AUR helper does not hide the build 
process itself from the user. Cower for instance is for just downloading the 
taurball (you still have to run makepkg manually), and burp is for just 
uploading it. 

I would have nothing against having tools like this in [community]. But 
everything beyond that should be strictly rejected.

Regards Stefan

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