[aur-general] Proposal: Mass AUR Cleanup (Discussion Period)

Jakob Gruber jakob.gruber at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 05:18:32 EDT 2010

  In response to Louis objections about skipping the discussion period,
I'm posting the full text of the proposal below. It has been altered 
from the original text
to incorporate Xynes idea of adding the 'last maintainer activity rule.

Sorry for making you guys vote twice.

This marks the beginning of the discussion period.


Hi TUs,

recently I had a look at the AUR db to see if we could do some mass cleanups
(see my mail at aur-general [1]).

Orphan candidates

Packages which are marked 'out of date' but the last package action 
(submission or modification)
AND the maintainers last action (across all of his packages) are before 
January 1st, 2009.


Out of date = TRUE
AND Last package action < 20090101
AND Last maintainer action < 20090101

(335 packages in the most recent DB dump - results may vary a little 
when querying the actual db)

Valid objections in reply to [1] (and any other related threads) would 
be excluded.

While many of these packages are probably candidates for deletion,
the only safe thing to do en masse is to orphan them.

Please vote 'yes' if you agree with orphaning these packages and 'no' if 
you disagree.


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