[aur-general] Fixing stuff in [community] repos

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Oct 4 07:52:22 EDT 2010


While moving the python rebuilds I noticed the following packages have 
  - cgmail
  - gammu
  - mathomatic

The all have commits in community-staging and some of them had entires 
in the db but not a package in sight.  I'm not sure what happened there 
but someone needs to clean this up (rebuild and upload to 
community-testing should be fine).

While I am at it, everybody make sure they upload packages using 
devtools.  If you do not, we end up with really strange commits in the 
repos (e.g. repos/community - note the lack of arch) and this causes 
issues with ABS.  I am getting really annoyed with cleaning these up so 
I will start naming the people who do not use the official tools for 
interacting with the repos and maybe blocking access if it keeps up...


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