[aur-general] Please orphan haskell-convertible-text

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Fri Oct 8 17:30:56 EDT 2010

Hi Xyne,

 > People take such contributions for granted and instead of
 > appreciating them they get bitchy when those contributions
 > don't meet all of their expectations.

I see why one would perceive the situation that way. My perception,
however, is different. Don is a major contributor to the Haskell and
ArchLinux community, and nobody in his right mind would ever dispute
that. The sheer amount of effort that he put into this project is
awe-inspiring, and he certainly deserves all the credit he gets.

Notwithstanding that, the packages that were requested to be orphaned
are broken -- they don't compile. That is not some abstract, negligible
problem. What is the point of having automated build instructions if
they don't manage to build the package?

Don has realized that he cannot maintain all Haskell packages at AUR on
his own -- it's just way too much work for a single person --, and he
has decided to bite the bullet and open the project up for other people
to contribute. That is good news. There are many people who care about
Haskell support in ArchLinux, and I'm sure this project is going to live
on. I'm also pretty sure that Don will continue to be a part of that

We'll find out on the arch-haskell mailing list. Personally, I like your
proposal to provide an arch-haskell repo and ABS tree.

Take care,

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