[aur-general] Greetings from Alibloke

Alasdair Haswell ali at ARHaswell.co.uk
Sat Oct 16 03:45:04 EDT 2010


I've recently joined this list and thought I should introduce myself.
I'm a linux sysadmin for a fairly large hosting company and have been
using linux for around eight years now.  I've been running Arch for a
little over a year and it's quickly become my distro of choice.  The AUR
is an exceptional resource and I've decided to contribute some of my
time towards maintaining some packages.

I've picked up an orphan; rng-tools and updated it to the latest
version.  It's my first attempt at writing a PKGBUILD, any
comments/suggestions would be welcome.  I'm also looking at updating the
meanwhile library, it looks to have been out of date for some years now.
I've emailed the maintainer with no response - how would I go about
taking over this package?


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