[aur-general] gadmin-squid

Nathan O ndowens.aur at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 05:03:26 EDT 2010

I adopted and updated gadmin-squid to the latest version. I figured I would
try something, because if you install a desktop file so that it will show up
in Gnome's menu, it would say you need to run it as root. So I created a
BASH Script called gadmin-squid-menu and added optdepends=('gksu: Graphical
Sudo Support'). The desktop file points to gnome-squid-menu(my bash script,
which states if gksu is installed, run gksu /usr/sbin/gadmin-squid, else
gadmin-squid). This I think would be acceptable, correct me if I am wrong.
Here is the package if you want a better understanding of what I mean:

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