[aur-general] chromium-beta and related mess

Jericho Draken jerichokru at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 23 23:24:16 EDT 2010

As the email suggests, I am JerichoKru, the same one that sparked
Det's...interesting conversation that took place here.  Though I'd
rather let that die off and get to the actual issue.

chromium-beta has been giving me issue after issue.  Because of this, I
have not uploaded it yet.

1.) I had figured that 6.0.496.0 would be the beta because it is the
latest of the v6's and the v7's are the in dev tree.  Det listed what is
now the latest stable as the beta...which is obviously not right.

2.) This version apparently doesn't need/incompatible with the gyp
patch listed.  It stated that the patch was filled with "garbage".

3.) Skipping the patch causes a build error farther down in the compile
process.  Unfortunately, I forgot to save the output.  I'll try again
tomorrow as it is 11PM in my timezone.

Any input for this would be helpful.

As for clamav, it is updated and should work (it worked on my machine,

On a somewhat related note: I had typed a rather long response to
Det's...rant but, I tried to sent it with my other email and thus
didn't get posted.  When thinking about it, that reply would have just
fed to the fire.
...for some reason claws-mail can't send emails with hotmail...

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