[aur-general] Duplication: ocamlgraph

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Mon Sep 27 14:40:30 EDT 2010

On 27/09/10 13:37, Paolo Herms wrote:
> On Sunday 26 September 2010 23:38:46 Magnus Therning wrote:
>> I'm curious as to why the dependency on findlib is undesirable.
> I've always thought of findlib as a hack to be able to recover ocaml
> libraries that were manually installed all over the file system using make
> install, maybe several versions in parallel, and that therefore it isn't
> necessary if you use only clean archlinux packages for every library.
> Maybe I'm wrong and findlib is nevertheless of practical interest but
> personally, as a casual ocaml hacker, I use only one or two none-standard
> libraries which work very well without findlib.

I agree that it's a bit of a hack, but in my mind it's a bit more than a way
to handle manually installed libraries.  It's absolutely *not* something
can be substituted by archlinux packages, instead it's solving the following

 - distribution-independent discoverability of available packages, useful
   during configuration steps of building
 - handling of different flavours of the same library, byte-compiled vs
   native, threaded vs. non-threaded, used for linking vs used in the REPL,
 - used by OASIS and probably other build tools

So I'm convinced that *both* findlib and arch packages is the way to go.

> So,
>> On 20/09/10 10:16, Simon Legner wrote:
>>> do we really need three packages of the OCaml library ocamlgraph [1]?
> certainly not three as I didn't spot any differences between ocamlgraph and
> ocaml-ocamlgraph, but I'd suggest to keep mine so that people can choose what
> they want and that Magnus takes over the ocamlgraph package, which is
> currently orphan.

No, let's delete 'ocamlgraph' and possibly keep both the other packages.


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