[aur-general] Web-client for emails: [WAS:Reflector]

Peter Lewis plewis at aur.archlinux.org
Tue Apr 5 10:08:31 EDT 2011

On Tue, 05 Apr 2011, Loui Chang wrote:
> On Tue 05 Apr 2011 18:00 +0800, Oon-Ee Ng wrote:
> > Gmail's web interface has THE best approach to threading. Ever. If you
> > have any other suggestion (web client or linux desktop client) which
> > comes anywhere close please let me know. Evolution's threading just
> > doesn't cut it, thunderbird's new one is close, but thunderbird is
> > basically a mouse-only interface, the keyboard shortcuts are so
> > horrific (and muttator is an abortion of a project AFAICS).
> >
> > I've spent quite some time exploring the options, and settled on this.
> > Ideas always welcome, of course.
> Sorry I don't know a desktop program, but sup (a console app) supposedly
> emulates gmail.
> http://sup.rubyforge.org/

Yeah, sup is still a little experimental but quite an awesome client. Also, for
version 2, they are planning on splitting out the client and server
functionality into two separate projects, which makes me salivate somewhat.

I use mutt these days, which handles threading quite well. I also really really
like KMail (I used it for around 10 years), but it's just got too slow and
resource intensive with all the nepomuk stuff.

(who just can't bare the idea of using a web browser to do his email.)

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