[aur-general] ec2-ami-tools && ec2-api-tools

Ernie Brodeur ebrodeur at ujami.net
Sun Apr 10 15:53:12 EDT 2011

I've recently started updating these ec2 type packages and I noticed two
things in the AUR that I cannot fix for obvious reasons.

1) there is duplicate ec2-ami tools.  When I found them, there were two
ec2-ami-tools back.  I decided to update the one by Yejun because I updated
several other of his packs.
2) ec2-api-tools is flagged out of date.  Yejun has not updated it in
several months and its been flagged out of date for over 6 weeks.

I have updated ec2-ami-tools, can we remove the out of date duplicate?

I have a copy of ec2-api-tools I can upload if that one can be flagged

PS, I'm new to Arch, be nice if I missed something just trying to help:)

Ernie Brodeur

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