[aur-general] What happened to haskell-ghc-paths?

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Fri Apr 29 14:03:28 EDT 2011

Hi Dave,

 > I only know from speaking with Haskell users that packaging Haskell
 > is a tedious job. But, is it not possible to compile this package
 > yourself from ABS?

an ABS tree does exist at <http://github.com/archhaskell/habs/>, which
is the basis for a binary repository that's published here:

    Server = http://www.kiwilight.com/haskell/$arch

Users of that repository won't miss haskell-ghc-paths. Unfortunately,
not everyone uses it. ;-)

Anyway, I see that Lukas has fixed the problem on AUR. Thanks a lot for
your help, guys!

Take care,

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