[aur-general] Private mailing list for TUs?

Thorsten Töpper atsutane at freethoughts.de
Fri Aug 12 15:29:44 EDT 2011

On Fri, 12 Aug 2011 19:56:44 +0300
Hector Martinez-Seara <hseara at gmail.com> wrote:

> It is interesting,
> it doesn't matter which is the ambit ( Ej: politics, public
> institutions, ... ), but always at the end those who have the power
> feel the need to restrict or control the flux of information. And by
> experience this need increases more and more in time. No hard feelings
> about what you say but this might end up badly.
> A friend,
> Hector
> PD: Transparency in not the same as anarchy. Might be that people
> don't like what is decided by those who take decisions but if it is
> done openly at least the people don't feel deceived.

Correct, just as Keenerd already pointed out in his answer to your
mail, to make the IRC logs public is not appropriate. There are no real
decisions made, sure something like whether a package should be put
back to AUR when it does no longer build with current utilities and
there were no new releases in quite some time are discussed there and
are decided by the maintainer/the TUs (mostly these packages are

But most of the conversations there have a private touch, from what was
eaten for dinner to "Why I don't like $BAND/$MOVIE/$WHATEVER.". Please
see the situation from this point, currently we are 24 TUs, 24 people
from all around the globe who've mostly never met each other. This
private channel has the social effect to form bonds of friendship
between strangers, even if it is not possible for everyone to be there
quite often. Clans/Guilds in the video game segment of the life/internet
work in the same way to make people cooperate easier with each other.

The reason I would've preferred a private mailing list instead of
something like arch-dev-public are the following two:
* As keenerd stated: Conversations about TU-Applicants "Hey you sponsor
  him/her, since when have you had contact with the applicant? Do you
  think he knows how much time he probably has to invest?" Stuff like
  that, nothing for the public, yet the Applicant has access to the
  mailing list archives if he becomes a TU.
* The simple problem of "Hey what do you think? Is it a good idea to do
  this with my package?" not sent to this list but there and whoops
  there's a split thread like it happens often with a-d-p/a-g, when
  they end with more than 20 mails I easily loose focus with those.

I hope this explains my opinion, yet your concerns show, that a hand
full of threads(there were only 3 applications this year) are not worth
disbelieve from other users.

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