[aur-general] Fwd: aur-general Digest, Vol 82, Issue 24

Fabien Devaux fdev31 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 14:04:42 EDT 2011

If that is all your questions then this is the wrong place to ask. In
fact, it would then be wrong to even ask. It is only correct to read:


Don't worry, I'm not _that_ newbie, I was just talking about arch, not IT...
Thanks for pointing that document btw, it's (badly) covering one of the
questions I had.

1) Why is this "template" not used by most packages I've seen ?

2) What is the main difference between build() & the optional package()
function ? (appart the error handling)

3) Why most packages I've seen are splitting build() and package()
operations ? (build for .py? building & package for install part)

4) What is the recommended way to remove files from package ? (files that
may be required at "setup.py build" step)

Thanks for your kind support...

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