[aur-general] Python packaging newbie

Fabien Devaux fdev31 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 14:39:23 EDT 2011

> > 3) Why most packages I've seen are splitting build() and package()
> > operations ? (build for .py? building & package for install part)
> Use build() for the part where you compile stuff and make files ready
> for installation within $srcdir. Use package() for the part where you
> copy stuff into $pkgdir. I remember there being issues about support
> of split packages and packages without a build() function, and I guess
> split packages are still not supported. The wiki page mentioned
> suggest that packages with only a package() function are perfectly
> fine, currently. But IMO this isn't worth bumping pkgrel of my own
> python related packages in this case. AFAIK package() and check() are
> additions to the historically only build() function, to allow faster
> and more fine-grained repackaging through makepkg. Devs do not force
> use of package() for the $pkgdir stuff mentioned, so maybe I'll keep
> mine in the old layout, as long as these work as fine as they
> currently do.

Ok, That was what I read and understood as well. The Wiki page with the
python package template may be updated to suit the convention, don't you
think ?

> > 4) What is the recommended way to remove files from package ? (files that
> > may be required at "setup.py build" step)
> <snip>
> Just don't copy them into $pkgdir, or can rm them in your package()
> function from $pkgdir.

Thanks !!


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