[aur-general] GPG Key Signing

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Thu Dec 1 19:23:32 EST 2011

Ionut Biru wrote:

> why are you so sure that I'll sign it?

I no longer am, but until you replied I never had any reason to doubt it.

As for the discussion about my name:

As stated, there could be many reasons. Perhaps I do not wish to be found by
someone for whatever reason. Perhaps my name appears in publications and I do
not wish to have people who read them contact me here. Perhaps I simply enjoy
anonymity for the sake of anonymity.

I could easily claim a fake name to make you happy and you would never know the
difference. The name means absolutely nothing.

I have been an active member of this community for over 3 years and a TU for
about 2.5. I have made numerous contributions during that time. I have had
ample opportunity to be malicious had I so chosen (e.g. when
powerpill/bauerbill were way up on the package stats).

You know me through my deeds here. They mean much more than some random name.

Also, consider this. I am much more civil to people behind an anonymous
identity than people like Angel are behind their (presumably) real names. That
in itself should say something about my character.

As I said to keenerd in a private email, if this is really an issue for some of
you then start a discussion and call a vote to remove me as a TU. Even if the
vote passes I may resign if I see many that would like me gone, so you win.

For what it's worth, I really do like this community and I hope to continue to
contribute to it. This has never been an issue before and the only reason it
might be an issue now is because some people confuse trivial knowledge with
intimacy and trust. Trust should be built on deeds and experience, not how many
blanks you can fill in on a piece of paper.


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