[aur-general] Unblacklisting of Package

David J. Haines dhaines at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 19:22:29 EST 2011

Hi there again.

In an attempt to bring the yeganesh package into the present day, I
found that the newest version requires Haskell's "unix" package. I
built it with cabal2arch and tried to upload the result to the AUR,
but it tells me that "haskell-unix is on the package blacklist."
Despite what it indicates, it is not available in the repos, AFAICT.

I know that Haskell and the AUR have an uneasy relationship, but I'm
hoping that y'all will un-blacklist this as it is a build dependency
of a moderately popular tiling WM launcher.


David J. Haines
dhaines at gmail.com

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