[aur-general] Unlicensed code

full-english@live.co.uk sausageandeggs at archlinux.us
Wed Dec 21 18:12:38 EST 2011

The day was 21/12/11 20:43 when , Peter Lewis had this to say......:
> On Wednesday 21 Dec 2011 20:07:42 full-english at live.co.uk wrote:
>> Does anyone know what the usual procedure is if the code is unlicensed?
> This will almost certainly vary by jurisdiction. In England and Wales at least
> (as far as I understand it) no code is "unlicensed" - copyright is automatic
> and there is just an implicit default licence which is restrictive (i.e. you
> can't copy it). This is why you should always stick a licence on your code,
> especially if you don't care who uses it ;-)
> Contacting the author is the best way to go.
> HTH,
> Pete.
Thanks Pete, I've contacted the author so I'll wait and see what he 
says. Wandering slightly off topic do you know how things stand with 
using/packaging "unlicensed" code (AUR/PKGBUILDS/Pkgs etc.). If the 
default is restrictive then surely that would be prohibited as well?
I'm going to ask the almighty Google but just wandered if you/anyone knows



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