[aur-general] Removal request (stone-soup-tile)

Alexander Rødseth rodseth at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 08:21:26 EST 2011


stone-soup-title on AUR (first submitted Fri, 23 May 2008) existed
before the stone-soup pkg (from the git log: 2010-09-12, stone-soup
added from [unsupported], schuay).
Since schuay didn't delete stone-soup-title from AUR and since
stone-soup-title has conflicts=('stone-soup'), it seems like the
package maintainers has been aware of the situation.

The Arch Wiki states that:
"The submitted PKGBUILDs must not build applications already in any of
the official binary repositories under any circumstances. Exception to
this strict rule may only be packages having extra features enabled
and/or patches in comparison to the official ones. In such an
occasion, the pkgname array should be different."

Provided that stone-soup-title has additional features enabled, and
schuay was fine with the existence of the AUR package at the time, I
think it should be kept in AUR.

Best regards,
 Alexander Rødseth
 Arch Linux Trusted User
 (xyproto on IRC, trontonic on AUR)

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