[aur-general] Moving packages to Community

Maxime Wack maximewack at free.fr
Sat Feb 5 15:00:32 EST 2011

I had the same "problem" a few weeks ago, when the polipo package I was 
maintaining was moved to [Community] without any notice. I got aware of 
this when yaourt told me my version of polipo was not the same as in the 
repos… imagine my surprise when I didn't find my package on AUR anymore.
Not that I particularly care about that package, or that I didn't want 
it to be in [Community], in fact it's for the best, less work for me !
But what I didn't like was that it was done without any comment or 
notice. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not implying that it was MY 
precious package and that it felt like stealing, or that he had to wait 
for my approval. It's just that talking about a community-driven 
repository, the least you could expect from any user (and even more from 
a *trusted* user) would be to communicate about what he's doing, so that 
everything goes clear, acknowledged and understood.
After discovering this, I emailed Jelle van der Waa (who adopted the 
package), on 01/21, writing :

 >Hello, I'm SataMaxx on AUR and was maintaining the polipo package.
 >I've seen that you adopted and ported it to [Community] and be assured 
that I really don't mind about this, however I think it would have been 
nice to notify me, just as a matter of good communication practice.
 >Thank you, have a nice day ! "

And I didn't get any answer…

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