[aur-general] Moving packages to Community

Nicky726 nicky726 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 17:26:06 EST 2011

Hi Angel,

> This is opensource world dude, can you see it?, so forget those
> "autorship" and "license" of those PKGBUILD, plus, in many cases, many
> of the packages went from one people to another. Btw I don't know why
> people refers to packages when we are talking about aurballs
> containing PKGBUILD, this is different from a package.

I feared the "authorship" word may get too much of attention. Its a sad result 
of ugly missuse of todays. The authorship I meant -- and sorry for not making 
myself clear the first time -- is a relation of one who creates to the thing 
created, or of all who create that is too. No licence fees, nor revenues, nor 
copyright needed, nor asked for. Just simple A (+ B) created this 
PKGBUILD/package -- the difference now is unimportant.

> As Ioni said, he kept the Contributor tag, I don't see the point of
> whining if your work as a maintainer is recognized on that PKGBUILD
> but I don't see the point of contributing expecting recognition, we
> are humans, I know, but what can make you happier than the fact that
> your work evolved and now you have opportunity to evolve with it too
> (i.e maintaining new PKGBUILD and then applying to be a TU).

I also think that keeping the contributor tag is right. And I also am happy 
when my PKGBUILD gets promoted to repo. Though I'd be happier if I heard from 
the TU first (than finding out some day accidentaly that the PKGBUILD is not in 
the AUR anymore but now in the [community] as mentioned somewhere here). It is 
not as much of my own happiness -- though it motivates one if he hears it from 
the TU not just finds out accidentaly -- as also of bothsides politeness. 

> We eventually show our respect to the author to notice him that we do
> will move your package, 

Now with this I would be maximaly fine. 

> but it's arrogant and too stupid to pretend
> that a TU or Dev have to `ask you for permission` 

I guess I see your point. This is too strong. Though there should be some kind 
of inner `I have to ask him` comming from one's human politenes. Like `I want 
to move foo to community, is it ok with you? By the way good job maintaining 
it.` Most of the time the answer would be `yes` of course, but this motivates 
one to contribute. And sometimes one would answer `I am planning to become TU 
soon and would like to maintain this, so would you wait with the adoption till 
my becoming TU is resolved?` Now that does motivate too, doesn't it?

> <--- THIS IS
> MADNESS, you aren't the owner of that PKGBUILD ! even if you wrote it
> from scratch! the next thing after from asking for permission will be
> "please pay me" .. so hell no.

For myself I contribute to Arch because I feel in a way obliged to, as it is a 
great distro which gave me much. So I hope stuff I put into AUR makes Arch 
better and help others. I want no money for it, just polite human comunication 
of what is going on. 

By the way, thanx for baring with me,

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

(Joni Mitchell)

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