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François Boulogne boulogne.f at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 14:50:01 EST 2011

Le 06/02/2011 18:48, Xyne a écrit :
> Eric Waller wrote:
>> I am not a lawyer and I generally tune out all license flame wars.
>> That said, PKGBUILDS generally do not contain copyright or license
>> declarations.  Unless I am mistaken, that means someone who comes into
>> possession of a PKGBUILD does not have the right to republish it.
>> As a minimum, I think Arch should get a nod from the creator of a
>> PKGBUILD prior to absorbing it into the colective -- It might help
>> avoid any misunderstandings.
> What is the legal status of files submitted to the AUR? I have always assumed
> that anything uploaded to the AUR is automatically licensed under the GPL or
> something similar, in the same way that content contributed to the wiki is.
> I can't find anything that states this on the AUR site, which is a potentially
> calamitous legal oversight.
> The legal issue should be cleared up. If we needed to obtain explicit
> permission from every contributor then the AUR would cease to be useful. You
> would not be able to adopt and update PKGBUILDs without permission, and you
> would need to enable users to delete their own PKGBUILDs when they decide to
> withdraw permission.

There is also the specific problem of patches. From developpers of
another linux distribution, I heard that the empirical rule is that the 
patch is released under the software licence. (So, it could be used by

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