[aur-general] replying-on-thread issues (was AUR & Copyright)

Nicky726 nicky726 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 08:49:04 EST 2011

Dne pondělí 07 února 2011 10:35:19 jste napsal(a): 
> On 02/07/11 04:06, Nicky726 wrote:
> > Angel Velasquez wrote:
> >> Why you didn't reply on the thread ? :S now this thread is splitted
> >> without reason
> > 
> > Sorry, Re: somehow slipped out from Subject line. :-(
> > Nicky
> Actually, I think your e-mail client is misconfigured/broken somehow;
> let's debug.  It looks like none of the messages you've sent on the Arch
> lists have stayed on-thread.  Looking in the headers, the message you
> are replying to here says
> Message-ID: <AANLkTikXeEhdOp7gaQZEENWMSXHKz0fWyBHMXw1C6Zk5 at mail.gmail.com>
> and your header does not match this value in In-Reply-To (as successful
> replies do), and rather says
> In-Reply-To: <mailman.3068.1297052058.26845.aur-general at archlinux.org>
> .
> (Which indicates your client does think it is sending a reply of some
> sort, not just a new message.)
> Your User-Agent claims to be User-Agent: KMail/1.13.6
> (Linux/2.6.37-ARCH; KDE/4.6.0; x86_64; ; ), and this appears to have
> happened for you on the Arch list with your earlier versions of KMail
> too.  I   I don't remember seeing this particular issue before; any idea
> (Nicky or anyone) what's wrong?
> -Isaac

Could that be that I get Arch's mailing lists as diggests and reply to them in 
the client and copy the subject of the particular message. Am I supposed to do 
it in a different way? (Possibly with keeping the messages delivered in a 
digest, not every separetely).
Now as this is a reply to a directly delivered message, it should fit 
correctly. I didn't touch the subject field in this case at all.
Btw, thax you're trying to debug my issues.


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