[aur-general] AUR & Copyright

Thomas S Hatch thatch45 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 12:58:41 EST 2011

My understanding was that PKGBUILDs in the Arch distribution would fall
under the same licence as Arch, and be part of the larger Arch Linux

With that said, I think that this can be resolved with a statement on the
AUR submit page that simply reads:

Any package information submitted to the Arch Linux AUR can be included in
the main Arch Linux distribution at any time as deemed proper by an Arch
Linux Developer or Trusted User. By submitting package information to the
Arch Linux AUR you agree to the aforementioned possibility.

Or something to that effect, licencing the individual PKGBUILDS will end in
tears and legal madness, it will be a long term disaster!

We just need the users to understand that if their stuff is awesome, we will
most likely use it. And that Arch reserves the right to use it.

-Thomas S Hatch

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