[aur-general] TU Application -Thomas Hatch

Thomas S Hatch thatch45 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 12:49:09 EST 2011

Hello, ArchLinux Tus

Xyne has agreed to sponsor me as a TU. I am very excited at the potential
opportunity to become more directly involved with the development of

I atteneded Southern Utah University (SUU) where I studied Computer Science.
While at SUU I set up one of the first American ArchLinux mirrors, a mirror
which is still in operation – locke.suu.edu. At SUU I also worked as a
research assistant and developed a (now defunct) Linux distribution based on
Arch called Axiom Linux for rediculously parallel compute clusters. It was
based on Larch and involved a modified Arch installer, (this was before the
aif days).

Since then I have worked as a trainer for Red Hat, then a systems software
developer for a United States DOD contractor and I am presently employed as
a Sr Systems Engineer at Beyond Oblivion.

My contributions to Arch so far have been:

Created and maintained a working puppet package for Arch, and updated the
existing puppet pacman code.

Ported libguestfs to Arch, this involved working with the libguestfs
developers to create a build port specific to Arch since the build process
requires the creation of a specialized Arch Qemu Vm image.

Set up MooseFS support for Arch – This is a VERY cool project that I
strongly recommend people take a look at : moosefs.org

I have been working on standardizing the Ocaml packages for Arch and
currently maintain about 25 Ocaml packages.

I am the author of the Varch Project:


My packages and project staging repo is at:


I am working on a project that I hope will greatly benefit Arch called


It is still sparse, I just started a re architect

And my packages for you to look over:


All in all, I am deeply passionate about open source and Linux, I believe in
the pragmatic approach to Linux and have continued to find Arch as one of,
if the the, superior Linux distribution out there today, not only in
principal, but also in engineering.

My hope is to assist in bringing ArchLinux further into the forefront of the
overall Linux community and to continue to port enterprise grade software to

Hopefully my current contributions suffice to allow me to work as a TU, if
there is anything in my contributions or packages that needs improvement, or
if there is anything else I can do to improve my standing, please let me
know so I can make my application as spotless as possible.


-Thomas S Hatch

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