[aur-general] List for new package announcements?

Joel Heaton jheaton at archlinux.us
Thu Jan 13 14:03:48 EST 2011

On Thu, 2011-01-13 at 18:55 +0000, Peter Lewis wrote:
> I had in mind a list with no automation, just a place where people could post 
> notifications about a *new* package upload, not "foo is now at version 2.3". I 
> don't think update notifications would be at all appropriate, unless they 
> provide significant new functionality that might make someone look anew at a 
> piece of software.

My own thinking was similar, but I would include announcements of
adopted and repaired/updated packages as being appropriate. So if foo
had been unusable for a period of time and then dropped by the
maintainer, and you took over responsibility for it, then upon uploading
the new package an announcement would be reasonable in my opinion. But
minor version jumps, as you say, may not be so in some peoples' minds.

> Okay. Let's wait for a few more opinions - this wouldn't have to be just AUR 
> either. New stuff in the binary repos could be included too.
> Pete.

That's actually something I hadn't considered, but I do like the idea of
getting such announcements regarding the officially supported
repositories, too. This would get my vote (if it counts for anything)
for both official and AUR packages. :-)


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