[aur-general] Package review : gPlanarity

Sebastien Duthil duthils at free.fr
Thu Jan 13 12:45:05 EST 2011

Le 14/01/2011 00:02, Lukas Fleischer a écrit :

> You don't need to include "cairo" and "freetype2" in the "depends" array
> as they are already satisfied by gtk2 or it's deps but except for that,
Done. Thank you !

Le 14/01/2011 00:15, Dan Vratil a écrit :
> Just being pedantic, but you should use "$srcdir" in case there were spaces in
> the path.
Protected every variable. Thank you !

Package adopted and updated (only three clicks ... I really love 
Archlinux ! I'll see about the CLI command next time).

Thank you everyone !

Le 14/01/2011 00:09, Gordon JC Pearce a écrit :
> Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got level five down to two
> intersections...
And have fun :-)

Sebastien Duthil

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