[aur-general] Is it okay to mark broken packages out-of-date on AUR?

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Sun Jan 16 12:35:51 EST 2011

Hi Sven-Hendrik,

 >> Some maintainers seem to see that differently. They want a comment
 >> _and_ the out-of-date button to be pressed, if the package is
 >> broken. Do not know why. To me this is annoying.
 > That way, they show up in your overview which is handy if you get rid
 > of the comment mails for some reason.

yes, exactly. Just consider the 'arch-haskell' user, which owns
some 2,000 packages. The "My packages" list for that user is
spread out over 80 separate pages! It's impossible for me to log
into AUR and locate those packages that need maintenance by
checking the comment sections of 2,000 packages. 

Packages that are marked out-of-date, on the other hand, have an
index of their own, so those are way easier to find.

Take care,

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