[aur-general] Changing AUR development infrastructure.

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 17 06:57:03 EST 2011

Am 17.01.2011 02:19, schrieb Loui Chang:
> Recently I've had the idea that I should move the 'main' AUR git repo,
> which I have been the caretaker of to the community server where all
> other community and AUR development is done. This would also mean we
> would have to run a git daemon, and should also install a web interface
> like cgit to browse the repo. I'm hearing that there is some opposition
> to this. I'd like to start a discussion to hear the reasons behind that.

I'd like to point out that we have all the infrastructure on gerolde so
that all repos are available for cloning and cgit-browsing in a central
place. I don't see the point of duplicating that and scattering our
infrastructure further.

Currently, all Arch-related projects are hosted in a central place and
I'd like to keep it that way.

> Here are the reasons I have for moving the repo:
> * The Trusted Users will have more control over the AUR development since
>   it will be on their own server.
> * We can use the new infrastructure to host other TU and community
>   projects.
> * We don't need to create superfluous shell accounts on gerolde to
>   for push access to those repos. Those accounts already exist on
>   sigurd.

If you really think it is necessary, we could always put the main repo
to sigurd and have a mechanism set up to sync it to gerolde (either pull
with a cronjob, or push from sigurd to gerolde in post-update).

As a side note, not more than one or maybe two people should have direct
push access to a git repository. If anyone else wants to contribute,
they should send pull requests - the maintainer of the main repository
should be active enough to pull and merge them quickly though.

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