[aur-general] duplicates of tmux vcs...

Martti Kühne mysatyre at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 03:08:12 EST 2011

at the moment there are three vcs packages of tmux on aur.

tmux-cvs is my package.
tmux-git is a tmux developer's synchronisation which doesn't use a
separate build directory, but may come in handy because it's git and
the commit history is present.
tmux-cvs-windowstatus is a patch for an obviously outdated cvs repo,
because... the patch is for cmd-set-option.c - though right now the
file containing that data is called options-table.c and the patched
content has been issue to further changes afaict (being no more
window-status-bell-* but window-status-alert-* instead for example).
Guess it does not build.

The third one may be deleted imho. And you know what, scratch mine as
well... tmux-git is just fine.


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