[aur-general] large number of deprecated/duplicate flashplugin packages

Anish Bhatt anish at archlinux.us
Thu Jul 14 15:34:18 EDT 2011

All of these packages are either orphaned/out-of-date/duplicate or
deprecated. Could someone delete these please ?


Also, adobe at one point had three seperate flash releases available, and
had versioning/architecture issues that required three seperate AUR
packages.  Their last release consolidates all these releases, rendering two
of these packages obsolete. Adobe also tends to use adjectives like
prerelease/beta/preview randomly,  causing further package naming issues.
(eg, all -prerelease packages have now become -beta, when there used to be
seperate -beta & -prerelease releases earlier). What's a good way to
consolidate users of the three packages into the correct one ?

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