[aur-general] virtualbox additions package naming

Calimero calimeroteknik at free.fr
Tue Jul 19 10:32:02 EDT 2011

Le 19/07/2011 16:12, Ionut Biru a écrit :
> I've been criticized a lot because I choose poorly the name for guest 
> additions.
In my humble opinion, you can ignore destructive criticism, not offering 
any alternative solution
> Right now the packages are like this:
> virtualbox-addtitions - contains the iso with guest additions for 
> linux/windows/etc and is installed on host
virtualbox-additions_iso ? (sure this one is difficult to name, but the 
description you wrote is very good, it's clear)

> virtualbox-guest-additions - contains guest additions only for an arch 
> linux system as guest.
> virtualbo-guest-modules - modules only for an arch linux system as guest.
> Now that virtualbox 4.1 is released I need help choosing this names.
virtualbox-archlinux_guest-additions & virtualbox-archlinux_guest-modules ?

But what I would change absolutely is the pkgdesc:

-VirtualBox user-space tools for Linux guests
+VirtualBox user-space tools for Arch Linux guests

-VirtualBox kernel modules for Linux guests
+VirtualBox kernel modules for Arch Linux guests

(since these packages are specifically made *for* arch linux)

my 2 cents, if of any help.

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