[aur-general] Naming of aegisub packages

Hilinus Fenfort itahilinus at hotmail.it
Sun Jun 19 04:07:37 EDT 2011

In data domenica 19 giugno 2011 10:14:14, cantabile ha scritto:
> Hello,
> We have four packages:
>     aegisub [1] - this pulls from svn, from the 2.1.9 branch (2.1.9 will
> be the next stable version)
>     aegisub-stable [2] - this compiles the stable version from the
> released tarball - 2.1.8 at the moment, which is quite old and probably
> doesn't build anymore due to changes in ffmpeg
>     aegisub-bin [3] - this repackages the binary from upstream, stable
> version
>     aegisub-svn [4] - this builds from svn, from trunk (trunk should
> become version 3.0, when it's ready)
> [1] should be renamed 'aegisub-next-svn' or something like that, and [2]
> should be renamed simply 'aegisub'

Agreed. But i'm not too practical with the AUR and i don't know how to 
rename a package. Maybe i could create another one with the name you 
suggest and then let some admin delete the old aegisub package. But what 
happens to users who have installed it? Should I use replaces=() in the 

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