[aur-general] Alternative Links

Det nimetonmaili at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 13:20:41 EST 2011

On 3/10/11, Det <nimetonmaili at gmail.com> wrote:
> References: when logged in [1] and when not [2].
> [1] http://www.image-upload.net/images/0ixc5luiei3xkrvp3gft.jpg
> [2] http://www.image-upload.net/images/41665a4m8wfr066itbyi.jpg

Image-upload.net doesn't seem to be a good host (started getting
redirect loops). I re-uploaded the two in ImageShack in case somebody
else is having problems too:

Logged In: http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/9056/logged.jpg
Not-Logged In: http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/2908/anonymousl.jpg

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