[aur-general] AUR 1.8.1 - Can No Longer Upload Packages

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Sun Mar 13 22:32:48 EDT 2011

Could the reason be some syntax errors?
There are a lot of quotation marks too much. And the settings of your
quotation marks seem to be quite inconsistent.

> build() {
>   cd "${srcdir}/$pkgname-$pkgver"
Better: cd ${srcdir}/$pkgname-$pkgver

> package() {
>   cd "${srcdir}/$pkgname-$pkgver"
Better: cd ${srcdir}/$pkgname-$pkgver

>   make prefix="${pkgdir}"/usr install
Better: make prefix=${pkgdir}/usr install

>   install -D -d -m755 "${pkgdir}"/usr/share
Better: install -D -d -m755 ${pkgdir}/usr/share

>   install -D -m644 "${srcdir}/$pkgname-$pkgver"/COPYING \
>     "${pkgdir}"/usr/share/licenses/"${pkgname}"/LICENSE
Better: install -D -m644 ${srcdir}/$pkgname-$pkgver/COPYING


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