[aur-general] svn tweak

Jelle van der Waa jelle at vdwaa.nl
Mon Mar 21 05:23:52 EDT 2011

When i was working on arch-games we used this .gitignore.
Ofcourse it doesn't match everything but it helps, although i have never
had issues.

Jelle van der Waa

On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 14:31 +0800, Ray Rashif wrote: 
> On 21 March 2011 00:18, keenerd <keenerd at gmail.com> wrote:
> > It seems accidentally commiting package binaries is an easy error
> > among new TUs.
> Never heard of this accident. New TUs should always clear things up
> before jumping in. One or two mistakes are fine.
> Is the packaging workflow not clear enough from the guidelines? Two
> distinct steps for PKGBUILDs and binaries respectively:
> * SVN (commit) for buildscripts
> ** SVN (archrelease) to "finalise"
> * SSH (scp) for packages
> ** SSH (db-update) to "distribute"
> Now, if you accidentally make the addition after a build, and then
> commit, you have to change your habit. Make the addition, then do the
> build, then commit (using devtools).

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