[aur-general] Google-earth and bin32-google-earth

Det nimetonmaili at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 09:07:18 EDT 2011


There's been some discussion between me and the maintainer/submitter
of 'bin32-google-earth' (srabd) as to whether 'google-earth' should
finally replace 'bin32-google-earth'.

He disagrees. In his oppinion the "bin32-" prefix should always be
used when the package being offered is a "32-bit only" one. I in turn
think that the package should be removed in the favor of
'google-earth' that you can install for both archs and where you could
say eg. in the 'pkgdesc' that the package provides 32-bit binaries
(for both archs).

It is not as much of a problem for me to have 'bin32-google-earth'
existing in the AUR as long as the other one didn't. It's redundant to
provide otherwise the same application but the other package provides
it for i686 only.

So what should be done? I'm not a TU and neither is srabd - but you are.

Let the discussion begin (please, let it).

    Thanks for your time,

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