[aur-general] Should nvidia(-beta)-all replace all the other nvidia-* packages in the AUR?

Dan Vratil dan at progdan.cz
Sat Mar 26 10:13:25 EDT 2011

On Saturday, March 19, 2011 20:19:41 Det wrote:
> Helloooo,
> So I've been thinking about this for some time now and I finally
> decided to ask the ones who know the best: would it be enough to only
> have 'nvidia-beta-all' and 'nvidia-all' in the AUR to replace all
> those nvidia-ice, nvidia-bfs, eg. packages? (Decluding nvidia-utils*,
> of course.)
> As far as I can think of, I can't see any downside(s) (whatsoever) of
> using those *-all packages instead of those 'specifc-kernel' packages,
> since they do in fact auto-detect all the kernels on the system.
> Now to the important part: what do you think?
>   Det


nvidia-beta-all may be suitable for multikernel installation, but prevents you 
from having installed various versions of nvidia driver in each kernel (when a 
regression is introduced in some kernel for example) or having none driver 
installed for a particular kernel at all. I myself use the dual-kernel setup, 
one with nvidia-beta and one with nouveau drivers. This option would be lost 
If only nvidia-beta-all would be available, since it would install nvidia 
kernel module everywhere. And I believe that nvidia/nouveau is one of the most 
common reasons for people to have multiple kernels installed.

I'd suggest to keep nvidia-beta-all and nvidia-beta packages, (because nvidia-
beta uses uname -r to detect current running kernel) and get rid of all those 
nvidia-beta-whateverkernelhaveeverbeeninaur packages. 


PS: I'm maintainer of nvidia-beta, but I'm not lobbying for keeping it because 
I don't want to lose a package, but as a result of my reasoning and 
expectations of user comfort.

Dan Vrátil
dan at progdan.cz
Tel.: +420732326870
Jabber: progdan at jabber.cz

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