[aur-general] Store projects snapshots on sigurd

Florian Pritz bluewind at server-speed.net
Sun Mar 27 07:58:31 EDT 2011

On 27.03.2011 13:46, Andrea Scarpino wrote:
> On 27 March 2011 08:31, Florian Pritz <bluewind at server-speed.net> wrote:
>> Why? Fetching git and checking out a specific commit is easier than
>> creating and uploading tarballs. It's also easier to figure out which
>> commit the repo package is using.
> How do you figure out which commit the package uses? Talking about
> git, for example, you only see pkgrel=<date>. How to see if your
> package include a fix committed in that <date> or not?

You'll have to read the PKGBUILD (remember that we checkout that
specific commit), but if you only have a snapshot it's quite hard.

I think this is a pretty nice solution:

Florian Pritz -- {flo,bluewind}@server-speed.net

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