[aur-general] orphan and deletion requests (stormlib and stormlib-linux)

william 56 psychoreactorq at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 17:06:01 EDT 2011

i am requesting that stormlib become orphaned, and stormlib-linux be deleted.
stormlib-linux (21638) appears to be a duplicate of stormlib (21634),
and both packages are unbuildable, as the stormlib source archive
which both aur packages compile from has been altered.
i sent an email to the package maintainer, zarra (8415), regarding
updating his packages, and have yet to receive a response. also, a
user commented on the stormlib package with an updated PKGBUILD file
on september 23, 2010, though it appeared to go unnoticed by the
thanks, arch users!

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