[aur-general] cant remember password

Iñigo Álvarez alvarezviu at gmail.com
Tue May 3 23:46:04 CEST 2011


I come here, because i forgot my aur username, and dont know how to deal wit

A year ago, i formatted my laptop with Arch, to try Gentoo.. and some weeks
ago, I just reinstalled Arch again... But i just cant remember which
username i had, so i can't use aurvote, and most importantly, i can't upload
any pakagebuilds to aur.

I searched for ancient emails, but didn't appear on them my username, i also
tried all my usual usernames, but they never worked, i assume i went
original wit this one. I tried the "reset password" option, but on the reset
mails never appear the username. Oviously, triing to do a new account
doesen't work because "there is an account associated with this email".

I will appreciate if someone can tell me my username, or delete my old
account, so i can do a new one. I don't want to create a new email account
just for aur...

Thanks in advance for any help

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