[aur-general] AUR cleanup

Sven-Hendrik Haase sh at lutzhaase.com
Mon Nov 7 15:00:21 EST 2011

On 07.11.2011 20:16, Nicola Bignami wrote:
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>> On 07.11.2011 18:41, Nicola Bignami wrote:
>>> I see that there are more than 6700 orphan packages. Of those, more
>>> than 2400 are also flagged out of date (some packages have not been
>>> updated since 2007).
>>> Many packages are only waiting for a new maintainer but I think that
>>> many are only waiting to be scrapped as they're already been replaced
>>> by some other package in the AUR or in the community repository (or
>>> just become obsolete).
>>> I'm wondering if the time has come to look into them to find out what
>>> worth to keep and what have to be removed and thus do some cleanup.
>>> If can be useful, I can start working on it.
>> Of course, clean up work like that is always appreciated. Keep in mind
>> though that people might resubmit missing but obsolete software to AUR.
>> Technically, there is no rule against that.
> I know.
>> So in case you do this work, you should look for packages that truly
>> have no need for existence anymore as opposed to merely software that
>> somebody forked and improved. Dead upstream sucks but it's no an
>> immediate reason to drop something from AUR. in my opinion.
>> Good candidates for deletion: Unmaintained downstream variants of
>> software patched with various little things, software that switched vcs
>> but has old vcs packages remaining in AUR, totally broken and
>> unmaintained software, renamed packages that didn't get deleted. You get
>> the idea.
> That's exactly what I have in mind, and that's why IMHO it's necessary look carefully to the packages and not just delete them because they're orphan and out of date.
>> -- Sven-Hendrik
Looks like you are good to go then. As already suggested, a wiki page
page (your user page would be fine) for this would likely be a good idea.

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