[aur-general] Request: PKGBUILD of python-gnomeapplet

Christopher luna chrislcenter-mamoru at yahoo.com.mx
Wed Nov 9 02:14:21 EST 2011

the python-gnomeapplet was a binary package. it was removed for gnome3, since its not compatible. 

now, I have adopted gnomenu, but in order to fix it I need deskbar-applet and to create a pkgbuild for that one, I need python-gnomeapplet. So, if any of you have access to the pkgbuild of that removed package, it would make it easier for me fixing it. (Im taking the guess TUs may have access to deleted packages from abs, maybe im way off)

gnomenu is still useful, among people who dislike gnome3 and still use gnome2 and it is installable under xfce4, and of course, useful for those who like the windows look. (not me, I use ratpoison ;P, but still having the choice is nice)

if theres no way to recover that pkgbuild, well, Ill do my own.


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