[aur-general] Request: PKGBUILD of python-gnomeapplet

Christopher luna chrislcenter-mamoru at yahoo.com.mx
Wed Nov 9 02:38:22 EST 2011

> in my opinion trying to resurrect dead projects is a no no
> no.
> the mint mgse extension has a better solution for
> gnome-shell.
> -- 
> Ionuț
but gnomenu is not a dead project, the latest version is from 2011-08-29

of course, I don't think is the best option for gnome-shell users, but it is useful for people NOT using gnome-shell

(with the switch to gnome-shell, the gnomenu devs are thinking about focusing on xfce instead, so maybe I will not need gnomeapplet in the future )

anyway, thanks a lot for the link!

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