[aur-general] Remove two of my dated packages & picking up an abandoned one.

Jason vryali at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 09:55:23 EST 2011

I mistakenly posted this to AUR-Dev earlier and was pointed here.  Two
quick things:

1. I have two old packages I'd like to get removed from the AUR: gwclient32
& gwclient64.  They were my first attempt at doing stuff in the AUR and I
later made a single dual architecture PKGBUILD, which I'm still maintaining

2. I'd like to become the maintainer for citrix-client, and remove
bin32-citrix-client entirely.  I needed this for work and made a single
PKDBUILD for both architectures, which I've attached here as a tarball
(Though I haven't tested the 32 bit version, in fairness).  I emailed the
current maintainer approx two weeks ago (It hasn't been updated in about a
year) about picking up the package and that failed to ellicit a response.



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