[aur-general] AUR cleanup - Removal Request

Bartłomiej Piotrowski jheaton at archlinux.us
Sun Nov 20 04:38:45 EST 2011

On 11/19/2011 07:44 PM, Thomas S Hatch wrote:
> I have a lot of regret doing this, and I have been working hard to find the
> time to keep up with my TU duties, but every day I have less and less time
> because work is continually ramping up, and what free time I have left ends
> up going to Salt (http://saltstack.org).
> So, very sadly, I need to resign from my position as an Arch Linux TU. I
> hope I can be of assistance to Arch in the future and I am still planning
> on maintaining the Varch project: https://github.com/thatch45/varch
> So with deep regret, I must resign my brief stint as a TU, it was fun, and
> I greatly appreciate the opportunity, but it is very unfair of me to not be
> maintaining my packages.
> Thanks
> -Thomas S Hatch
Your resignation makes me entirely and utterly uncomfortable.

Here, this is a sad pony to represent my feelings:

May the wind blow strong where ever to you sail.

So long, good sir.

-- Sven-Hendrik

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