[aur-general] Developer / TU key signing, first master key available

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Nov 28 09:12:53 EST 2011

Am 19.11.2011 15:38, schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> Hello developers / TUs,
> My Arch master key is available at [1] with fingerprint 6841 48BB 25B4
> 9E98 6A49  44C5 5184 252D 824B 18E8.
> Every packager, please do the following:
> 1) Reply to this email to thomas at master-key.archlinux.org and fully
> quote this email. Include your gerolde/sigurd username in the email.
> Sign your reply using your GPG key.
> 2) Upload your public key (gpg --armor --export $KEYID) to your home
> directory on gerolde/sigurd under the name $HOME/arch-linux-packager-key.
> 3) Name at least one package in the repositories already signed with
> your key.
> Sadly, this process will only prove that you are in posession of the ssh
> key to upload packages into the repositories. I will contact you
> personally afterwards if I need further identification.
> Please note: there are be 5 master key holders (Allan, Dan, Pierre,
> Ionut, me), and you need at least 3 signatures on your key so your
> packages will be trusted by pacman.
> Regards
> Thomas
> [1] https://dev.archlinux.org/~thomas/thomas_AT_master-key.archlinux.org.asc

Please note: There are many TUs (and some devs) that didn't reply to
this request yet. There are even TUs that replied to the other master
key holders, but not me.

Please be aware that you have to contact all master key holders
separately in the way stated in the request. It is not sufficient to
reply just one of them!
Also be aware that after some transition time, gerolde and sigurd will
check your signature on db-update, and WILL REJECT THE PACKAGE IF YOUR
KEY IS NOT TRUSTED. Therefore, completing the key submission to the
master key holders is non-optional!

When replying, please make sure that "thomas at master-key.archlinux.org"
is included in the "To:" field of your email (otherwise I will probably
miss the mail). If you fail to configure your mail client for signing
emails, please write the text into a plaintext file, sign it, and attach it.

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